039 | sqware – squeeze it to the last drop e.p.

Sqware are Yannick and Jean-Baptiste from Strasbourg and Paris. The two guys work together by sending files to each other, because they have to overcome the geographic separation of their hometowns and when they move to different cities like Brussels and now Auckland. Both of them have a love for melancholic melodies and dark atmospheres. Their sounds include a great range of styles, like techno, pop and breakbeat. You can also experience influences like jazz, hip hop and movie soundtracks. And after 2 years of hard work besides Djing and studying, Broque.de proudly presents their first EP.


  1. 110
  2. another test song
  3. baaad paupiettes
  4. will paul like it?
  5. sticky jelly
  6. all together as .zip


written & produced by sqware
Artwork by Morwenna, Paris