052 | tim susa – desire & regress e.p.

Tim Susa is our rising star from the artistic town of Weimar who is known for both spinning vinyl as well as playing live. He currently is studying Media Technologies with Prof Brandenburg in Ilmenau and in his free-time, he does enjoy coding software plug-ins with which he produces the tracks one can listen to on Broque right now.

Tim is joined by some old friends of Broque – Stefan Tretau who also releases on Fortek and Karmarouge, and Juno6 who is known from Liebe*Detail and Cargo Edition amongst others – who contribute there very own adaptations of Tim’s tunes.


  1. i wish
  2. the spiral
  3. ute mach (waste of time)
  4. i wish (stefan tretau remix)
  5. ute mach (juno6 reschnibb)
  6. .zip-file



artwork by b.4000, Munich
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some feedback:
Claude VonStroke Airplay – this first track on this is really great. – Dave Ellesmere (microfunk, Intacto, 100% Pure) Airplay – not really my cup of tea either but ute mach and the remix from juno 6 are worth trying … Acid Pauli aka Console (Disko B) Airplay – Finde ich super!!! I wish werde ich bestimmt spielen!! – Douglas Greed (Combination, Kindish, Freude Am Tanzen) Airplay – moody…. moody… moody,,, love „i wish“!!!! will play it for sure – Patrick Lindsey (Funkwelle / Kanzleramt founder) Airplay – yep yep… ute mach (juno6) is the bomb.. will play it this weekend straight away! – Pawel aka Turner (Orphanear, Dial) Airplay – I wish (Original) is a very nice classical track, will play it. – Ed 2000 / 3 Headz Radio Airplay – Very cool sound . modern electronic urban , supporting all trax . really loving spiral and I wish original ! will include in my next radio show . charted . 7/10 – Dub Kult (Living Records / Raum… Musik) Airplay – great set of tracks – full support and charting from me love all of them including the remixes. Bryan Zentz (Plus 8 / Stare5/Barada) Airplay – really cool. ute mach is my fave both the original and remix. the juno6 mix is really creepy… love it. – Thugfucker Airplay – nice packet. full support. – Indietronic on OK Kiel Airplay – Clash Magazine June Review Cognition Audioworks presents Andrew Duke In The Mix airs weekly on CKDU Halifax NS Canada BOUM! TCHAK! on CIBL 101.5 FM Radio Montréal Airplay – CIBL FM Airplay – „DIVERSIONS“ ON CHRY 105.5FM Airplay – DR Radiohuset Airplay – Tim Susa – I Wish. What a hookline. Love it.. – The Clubbing Review – radio campus besancon 102.4 fm Airplay – Alooga Radio Airplay – M8 Magazine Review -top 5 singles of the month – DJ Broadcast Article -podcast & interview feature – Cuemix Magazine posted charts – RTÉ RnaG, Casla, Conamara, Co. Galway, Éire Airplay – DJmixar.net / Global Beat Radio / Masmusic.tv Airplay – Mooseka Radio Airplay – Palmsout Blog Airplay – Dubfire (Desolat) Airplay – Can you please send the 320 KBPS versions? – Pete Tong’s assistant nico Airplay – Nice EP. ‚I Wish‘, both original and Tretau rmx, is my fave. – I’ll try it out at the weekend. – Slam (Soma) Airplay – Derek Plaslaiko (The Bunker / Wolf & Lamb) Airplay – Really liking „The Spiral“ and the Stefan Tretau remix of „I Wish“. Thanks! – Electric Indigo (Indigo:inc) Airplay – den ute mach juno 6 reschnibb find ich bis zur minute 5:21 sehr cool – dann gleitet er mir zu sehr ins trancige. dementsprechend kann ich auch mit den anderen tracks nicht so viel anfangen… Ben Watt (Buzzin‘ Fly) Airplay at Buzzin’Fly Radioshow – Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware) finde die tim susa auch sehr schön, vor allem der 1. track ist was besonderes, klingt wie eine filmmusik im housegewand. echt großartig! ORF / FM 4 – DJ Makossa Airplay – will try out original & tretau rx – Clemens Neufeld (Giant Wheel) Airplay – hut ab vor tim susa, mag den subtilen und zurückhaltenden zugang. – Mateo Murphy (Underwater, Tronic, Turbo, Ascend) Airplay – Really like both mixes of Ute Mach. Will definitely play them out! – Noah Pred (Metapath, Morris Audio) stefan tretau mix is the one for me – tricky minimal grooves. thanks for sending… – Laurent Garnier (F Com) Airplay – realy like the original mix of „i wish“ – will defoinitely play this out Technasia Airplay – The tretau remix sounds best to me. Will play that one Radio Quintessenz Review -Airplay – sehr geiles Release, gefällt mir wirklich gut, voller support :-D – Dasding Radio SWR3 Airplay – I Wish is nice. – Heike Reich (Zündfunk, female:pressure, Jimy Pansen, Whoomb) Airplay – oh eine neue broque – wie toll, danke – Radio Z Airplay – ute mach find ich gut… auch tretau rmx – werd ich in headz spielen Beaner (Bar25 / Rekids) Airplay – like the juno6 remix especially. – D.Diggler Airplay – thx 4 the music I like the tretau remix ! nice ! – Ed Davenport ( Gumption / Liebe*Detail / Leftroom) Airplay – i dig juno 6’s remix!! nice stuff :) – Jeff Samuel (Trapez) Airplay – i like track 3. cool trippy stuff, nice track. – Juergen Kirsch (Glueckskind) Airplay – fat! i like spiral, ute mach in 2 versions & stefans remix! thanks.. jürgen – Rene Breitbarth (Substatic, Treibstoff, Dessous, Spectral) Airplay – i like the stefan tretau mix – my type ;) liebe grüsse aus japan ! Robosonic [Robotti] (Diskomafia) Airplay – nice ep, i like „i wish“ & „i wish“ remix… danke! – Frequencies.it Review Gummish (Trapez Ltd, Globox Ltd) Airplay – Nice ep, i like much „i wish“ Stefan Tretau rmx, i ll surely play it! – Posivision Airplay – sounds really great emotional release. – best for the over coming summer. the spiral is killer morning track. – stefan_tretau_rmx is so tough!! nice deep groove. Darko Esser (Pressure Productions) Airplay – Full support on I Wish! Beautiful track!! – Shinedoe (Intacto) Airplay – support ute mach wast trx – Angel Molina (Sonar Music/Tresor/Loft) Airplay – no dounbtŽs, ‚i wish‘ is my track of the ep, sounds really addictive. – Davide Squillace (Minisektch, Ovum) Airplay – Support! – Jor-EL (Gigolo) Airplay – Hey thanks for a really great release. I love it! – Ecpecially I Wish… Nicolas Duvoisin (Plastic Fantastic) Airplay – wawou!! is rock it!! – i will play the Tim Susa desire_regress_ep // wish stefan tretau rmx.wav Perc Airplay -& podcast use for CLR Thanks for this release. I like the Stefan Tretau and Juno 6 remixes. I will use one for the podcast to promote my new CLR record. – RichNxT (D-Late) Airplay – the tim susa ep is cool. my favourite track is ‚i wish‘ its got some great interplay between sounds and a cool, rolling groove. tension builds nicely throughout! – Tyler Stadius (Fabric, Nordic Trax) Airplay – Great tracks here. I quite like both versions of „I Wish“. Heavy and emotive vibes. – „Ute Match“ is my favorite. I’ll play out and on my radio shows. – Adult Napper (Ransom Note) Airplay – Very cool release. Really into the Stefan T. Mix. Crazy groove…love it..big plays!! – Brendon Moeller (Third Ear / Echocord) Airplay – ute mach (waste of time) is the track I like! – Brothers’ Vibe Airplay – „Ute Mach (Waste Of Time)“ is my pick on this EP – Cool steady drive….Nice one :) – Limacon (Poker Flat) Airplay – Stefan Tretau’s remix is HOT!! Twisted, back alley funk. Great production, great groove and progression…damn. – Chris – Robin Porter (Immigrant) Airplay – „I wish“ is something I will definitely play next weekend in Italy to twist them upside the head, it’s my favorite track on the EP for sure. Thanks!