050 | max cavalerra – the bigger, the better e.p.

Higher, further, faster – this is the approach of Max Cavalerra who significantly influenced the sound of Broque.de. His latest EP doesn’t hesitate at all but makes its points straight away. The Munich based DJ – also well-known for his releases on Karmarouge – launches a firework of sudorific bass whirls, groovy percussions and culminating breaks. But he never forgets about emotions and melodies. Max wants to see the people dancing and we believe we have to support him on his way by releasing this great EP.


  1. impact
  2. function
  3. in memory of violett
  4. 1000ccm
  5. what the bell?!
  6. .zip-file


artwork: frozen frame of live visuals by TPS NOSTROMO
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some feedback: 
Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings) function – Like it a lot. Best for me on the EP – in memory of violett – Deep and sexy techno! Yes! Most tracks I will play. Raw good stuff! Cari Lekebusch (Drumcode) Airplay Kyle Geiger (Drumcode) Strong release on this one! Going into my crate! Axel Fischer aka FC Shuttle (part of Console, on3radio) 1000ccm – Oh Mann was`n Brett ! – Eine feine fette Filter-Techno-Schraube. Yeah ! 1000ccm wird fett gespielt. DJ Broadcast I like Function. That’s a corker of a track. But best of the bunch of this very diverse ep is definitely In Memory of Violett. Beautiful melodies, good beats and nice vibe all in all. Freund der Familie hey hey super coole release vom max weiter so!!! Mathias Schaffhäuser – IN MEMORY OF VIOLETT find ich sehr schön, das fällt ziemlich raus stilistisch. Cio D’Or – wow! what can i say as: i really looove this record! con gratulations, max! my absolutely favorit is impact, but also in memory of violett & what the bell! Dario Zenker – finde function und in memory of violett super! schöne tracks! Electric Indigo – 1000 dank, gut getroffen! die gefällt mir wirklich sehr coole, schöne tracks!  Good Groove – 2 fette trax für mich, nämlich *function* + *1000ccm* !  Heike Reich – also meine favorites bei der ep sind 1000ccm, impact und function – ganz großartig mal wieder die nehm ich gleich mit. Agaric – Good stuff Will play it. ORF / FM 4 – DJ Makossa FUNCTION ist mein favorit, – kommt definitiv zum einsatz – Cook-e & Matik (Dirty Dancing) / Switch, Studio Brussel I thought the whole EP was going to be boring to be honest… until I played that last track… IT BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!! – Full support on this one… will play in the clubs/ on the radio show! – Switch / Studio Brussel Radio 1. impact – Good trip – 2. function – Probably my favourite for the floor – 3. in memory of violett -Beautiful melancholic track – 4. 1000ccm – Not my thing – 5. what the bell?! – nope – would you support this one? Will give it some spins to try out – BOUM! TCHAK! on CIBL 101.5 FM Radio Montréal Airplay „DIVERSIONS“ ON CHRY 105.5FM Thanks for sending me THE BIGGER, THE BETTER ep (BROQUE 050) by MAX CAVALERRA! Here’s some thoughts/feedback: „Overall this is a HOT EP! Three very solid and enjoyable tracks; FUNCTION is my pick – real nice driving bassline with a sprinkling of well placed effects and lots of shifting rhythmic patterns to keep the tension flowing (and the feet movin)“ Mateo Murphy (Underwater, Tronic, Turbo, Ascend) Really love the first three tracks on this, function in particular.. great ep! I’ll send you a chart soon cheers, mateo Noah Pred (Metapath, Morris Audio) proper techno: ‚function‘ rides a taut yet funky pulse into the late hours, while the swirling atmospheres of ‚impact‘ guide a mechanistic groove to the dark heart of dancefloor insanity – but ‚in memory of violett‘ shows us max’s sensitive side with deep and wistful melodies. the other two are a bit aggro for my style, but all-in, it’s a very well rounded package. thanks for sending… –Radio 1 I like Max Cavalerra ep, ecsp. first 3 track are very good, In memory of Violett is the best. Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe Records) WOW, really cool stuff. Don’t like 1000ccm track, but the rest is really cool music!! THANKS. Rodriguez Jr (Leena-Giant Wheel-Boxer…) The Youngsters Airplay(2020 Vision / Ovum /- that’s a nice collection of tracks with different colors. i’ll play „impact“, „function“ and the more melodic „in memory of violett“. in my charts of march too. Bloody Mary (Sender) function is the best track, support Chloe (Kill The DJ) i like – 1. impact – 2. function good tracks, will play them – 3. in memory of violett – 4. 1000ccm – 5. what the bell?! im not into these tracks Laurent Garnier (F Com) loove this ep – realy great ( track ep – full dancefloor support from me Scratch Massive 1. impact – All good in here. Will play definetely! 2. function – very good track. 3. in memory of violett – 4. 1000ccm – 5. what the bell?! – This the other one we love. very sexy and druggy!! Tokah Radio Airplay Dasding Radio SWR3 Airplay – Great, like it. Impact is my fav –Indietronic on OK Kiel March Airplay Alex Flatner (Brique Rouge, Circlemusic) Super Release… – Function und In Memory of Violett finde ich super.. Werde ich auf jeden Fall supporten Bo Irion – Neuton max cavalerra – hat mir insgesamt gut gefallen, function und memory of violett stehen herraus und werden auf jeden fall gespielt. C-Rock (Cocoon) „function“ for me. In my set! – thanx Cess (Cocoon, Monkeys) 2. function Das ist mein Lieblings track. Gratulation an Maxx. Sehr geile nummer… –  Dan Curtin (Metamorphic) I’m liking Impact for bigger events, should sound massive on a huge system. In Memory of Violet is nice too, its important to hear diversity from a producer and I like the musicality of this one. – Gianni Vitiello (Aroma) i like function!!!! – Juergen Kirsch (Glueckskind) this ep is a really cool package, especially function is great! i will play it for sure! – Kollektiv Turmstrasse (DIYnamic / Conaisseur) We really like the function track , its the one for us ! – Martin Eyerer (Session Deluxe / Trapez) cool shit! specially impact I dig. Misc. / Niederflur (Sender/Klang) Dark und gut! Danke… – – Gruß aus Kölle, – Monoroom (Absurd, Vendetta, Session Deluxe)function is my favorite track – Patrick Lindsey (Funkwelle / Kanzleramt founder) very nice release!! lovin function and in_memory_of_violett!!! – Someone Else (Found / Unfoundsound) i don’t know if i’ll play it, but „function“ is by far my favorite track on this ep. – Tommy Four Seven (Shooting Elvis) Love this label, ‚Impact‘ and ‚Function‘ are sure players, supporting!! – Slick DJ Mag Thanks for the music. Track number 2 ‚Function‘ is good. Liking the breakdown. – RTÉ RnaG, Casla, Conamara, Co. Galway, Éire Airplay Fabrizio Maurizi (Minus, Memento) „Function“ is for me!…I’ll play it for sure tonight – Joseph Capriati (ANALYTICTRAIL, FRANKIE, CMYK, LOOSE, MINIBUS) awasome sound! i love this release! thanks for the tracks! – DJmixar.net / Global Beat Radio / Masmusic.tv I cant comment the tracks because all Max´s tracks sound great! – Joris Voorn (Green) Great EP, all very groovy tracks!! – Highly efficient, will play lots! – Terje Bakke (Lordag) „i quite like the function track!“ – Angel Molina (Sonar Music/Tresor/Loft) My tracks on this ep are 1 & 4, absolutely wicked techno. I´ll play out for sure!!!!!!! – Dave Tarrida (Sativae Recordings, Tresor) really like this release. 1st and 4rth my favourites. – Davide Squillace (Minisektch, Ovum) Love the Fuction one! great! – Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) 01impact & 02function for my!!!!!!!! 9/10 – Xpansul (Ovum) Huge release man, it has everything! Support from me. – Joell Mull (Harthouse, Railyard, Audiomatique) Wow!!! – This is the best release received as digital promo in a longtime. Stands out from the mud-pile of files i receive everyday. – Fits me like a glove. It has the hypnotic deep funkness i like. Im closing my eyes and can see the crowd dancing in the sweaty club. Favourite: IMPACT & FUNCTION Well done Max!! Thank you for the Music. Jor-EL (Gigolo) Thanks for a nice release! My favourites are Function and What the Bell!!! –  Nicolas Duvoisin (Plastic Fantastic) maximum support for the Max Cavalerra Track BBC Radio 1 / Mary Anne Hobbs Airplay Dub Kult (Living Records / Raum… Musik) great varied ep. nice textures and like the melodic elements. – Dubfire (Desolat) Rating: 10 – Mark-Henning (Trapez) function is nice.. the breakdowns (are they breakdowns??) are bizarre! – Mr. O /Detroit Grand Pubahs Sounds nice especially ‘Function’ & ‘Impact’ – will road test tomorrow at Klub 4 in Slovenia – www.klubk4.org – O Dropped Impact on Saturday and it went down a storm. Killer track. – Perc Thanks for this, Impact and Function are great tracks. One of them will be in my new radio mix. Full support. – Pete Tong’s assistant Function is the one for me on this EP – RichNxT (D-Late) this max cavalerra is a good release.. – – function is my favourite by far – it is a very refreshing piece of music. very nice and very playable – Rob Savage (Breakin Even) Absolutely Massive – i love this style of tech house, it’s the dogs danglers Shur-I-Kan (Freerange, Winding Road) Like in memory of Violet… the other stuff is a little industrial for me. – Tyler Stadius (Fabric, Nordic Trax) Cool EP. I’ll play this for sure. Love the tracky, driving tune. – Little Mike (Beatport)Awesome stuff here. Well rounded tracks w/ enough diversity in them to use at all points of a good party. Big long lasting techno indeed. A+ Bryan Zentz (Plus 8 / Stare5/Barada) man, in all honesty this is about the best electronic dance record ive heard in a long time. max has all of the bases covered here. been listening to this quite a bit. – thanks! Derek Plaslaiko (The Bunker / Wolf & Lamb) Really feeling „Function“! Especially the build-up point. Total madness! „Impact“ would make an excellent opener, as well. Will be playing both of these. – OK! Changed my mind… upon listening to it in full, „What the Bell“ is all me!!! – Matt Xavier (Railyard Recordings Inc / Compression LA) „BAD ASS TRAX! Full support on What the Bell, Impact and In Memory Of Violet. Definite play. Altogether an excellent EP indeed!“ This release is massive. Absolutely love the trax. Full support for Impact, In Memory Of Violett and What The Bell. Amazzzing. Paul Brtschitsch – die cavallera e.p ist ja mal der oberkracher! irgend etwas hat mich an max seinen produktionen bisher immer gestört bzw. nie so 120%ig überzeugt. das kann ich hier nicht mehr sagen. das ist einfach so eine ansage an den ganzen halbseiden- produzierten schrott, der so umherfliegt…junge junge, so essenzkräftig und stilgetreu habe ich schon lange nichts mehr zu hören bekommen…ja, ein bischen neid macht sich da schon breit :)) nee im ernst : gratulation!! Axel Bartsch – function find ich oberfett! groove charts platz 2.