049 | hakan lidbo – snälla doktorn e.p.

Wandering through bare corridors of an unknown hospital. All doors open, distinct moods waiting behind each. An innocent beginning inevitably leading to an unknown climax. These are the pictures evoked by this bizarre EP in between ambient and deep house from one of the busiest Swedish producers. The Stockholm-based Hakan Lidbo – well-known through labels such as Pokerflat, Shitkatapult or Moon Harbour – is ever-surprising with fresh concepts which make use of multimedia capabilities. We are proud to present his debut on Broque.de, the ‚Snälla Doktorn EP‘.


  1. dammlunga
  2. fotsvamp
  3. tarmvred
  4. njursten
  5. foglossning
  6. .zip-file


artwork by Jani Järvinen, Munich
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some feedback:

John Selway – “Fathoms deep, really excellent project. Fotsvamp!” Loco Dice – “Hakan is back with good tracks, I like them all!!” Luciano – “Will play Fotsvamp.” Stephan Bodzin – “Amazing atmospheres, sophisticated sound design, high quality product. can´t play – but LOVE it.” Greame Reedie – (Silicone Soul) – „This is all cool but i’m liking Dammlunga best , really lovely melodies .“ Craig Morrison – (Silicone Soul) – „Really love all these – class deepness! good to hear something different!.“ Laurent Garnier – „Will play this on my web radio at night great deeeep late night tunes. Fotsvamp.“ Davide Squillace – (DC-10) – „Great come back from Hakan…this is the stuff i would expect form him…thumbs UP! Fotsvamp.“ Troy Pierce (m-nus) – „WOW. Awesome! Fotsvamp.“ Alexi Delano – „Very nice E.P.I like every track.“ Cirillo – (DC-10) – „Psychotrippydelic! Dammlunga!“ Hernan Cattaneo – „Quality package really good tracks. Fotsvamp.“ Luca Bacchetti – „Interesting project..I find difficult to play these tracks in my dj sets…they fit perfect for an exposition at tate modern or moma… music is art : )“ Orde Meikle – (Slam) – „Nice tracks. Fotsvamp.“ Chris Fortier – „Hakan never disappoints. Deep moody atmospheres like no other. Fotsvamp.“ Timo Maas – „Great listening… cool atmo!“ Philipp Jung – (M.A.N.D.Y.) – „Nice deep tracks. Cool.“ Lee Burridge – „Cool and interesting. Fotsvamp.“ Kevin Gorman – „Tarmvred is my favourite but the whole EP is sonically very interesting,“ Darko Esser – „I like the downtempo/electronics trax a lot! Excellent work from the swedish master :)“ Barry Redsettaz – (Spin 1038 Dublin) – „Always an intersting producer for me. this is pretty good, but wears a bit thin after a while. dammlunga is perfect though… thanks“ Agoria – “I really like Dammlunga, it s a cool ep but its not the best one of hakan libdo.” Karotte – “Its ok but not for me.“ Perc – „Nice home listening music, especially Njursten, but not really something for me to play in clubs. Thanks.“ Ricardo Mestre – „What a great promo! Very moody and delicate. Smashing production. I really enjoy it.“ Benjamin Brunn – „Gefällt mir gut, danke! besonders das 2.“