047 | auto-pilot – lights across the street e.p.

And now something completely different. After a lot of minimal beats we want to create a crossover to some other electronic styles which also involves handmade parts. So let’s transfer you in a quiet winter mood with the music of Auto-Pilot from Barnsley in the UK.
Auto-Pilot originally surfaced in1995 but disappeared in 1996 and could include up to 5 people for the live shows. All the tracks have different ideas and stories. Like the entire beginning of the song ‚Sleep‘, recorded using children’s toy instruments. ‚Spoon Full of Sugar‘ was written over ten years ago and had lyrics. The vocals at the end of ‚Deep Thought‘ were added one year after the original instrumental recording and are about a father’s hopes and aspirations of his newborn child. Be sure, one thing in this music that is always the same: the soul.


  1. pure breeze
  2. deep thought
  3. intervention
  4. sleep
  5. spoon full of sugar
  6. zip


artwork by Achim Sauter, Munich