041 | more places – schmetterling und eskimo

„Butterfly and Eskimo“ is one of the most frequented tracks from our compilation „Spätsommerkollektion“. Many other artists were inspired by these sounds and produced their own versions. We proudly present a selection of remixes and also the properly video of the original track made by nootoon.
Plus1 from Saxonia starts with a dubby oldschool-version and Volker Selzner continues a little bit faster. Gunne shows us his „Lebensfreude“ with a downbeat-piano, while the „Schallschnelle“ Jamy Wing from Jena changes into minimal-percussive. Legoego, aka Phonout & Dataman unpack their disco balls and Cie from Cologne makes a pop-technotrack. As next we listen to industrial and experimental Elektro of Pork4, and also a break-version of Peedge. Kassel based Norman produced 2 progressive remixes and Freund der Familie culminate in a Dubstep-version.


  1. plus1 schmettermo remix
  2. volker selzner remix
  3. gunne remix
  4. jamy’s vocal interpretation
  5. legoego remix
  6. cie remix
  7. pork4 remix
  8. peedge remix
  9. norman’s fluegelschlag remix
  10. norman’s warmer winter remix
  11. freund der familie lingundeski remix
  12. all together as a .zip-file


written & produced by more places
Artwork & Video by NootooN, Ilmenau