001 | 10 jahre oderaufbrot – die compilation

Our first publication happens to be a CD and is meant to be a „thank you“ to all, who have accompanied us or will accompany us in future. The CD contains a selection of 92,86% exclusive material from multicolored musical anniversary gifts, which were made by our friends during the last 10 years of „Oder auf Brot“ – and we hereby gladly pass on the created music to you. We would like to emphasize the 3 contained debuts – hopefully, we will soon hear more from their creators. Here again thank you for all the tracks you have forwarded, even if unfortunately not everything could find place on our CD. You can order the CD for the price of 5 € by e-mail – if you click on the Track numbers, you can hear an impression of the tracks. The profit of the CD goes to a project from „Brot für die Welt“.


  1. psychosonic – jupiter island
  2. granlab – 2a
  3. maxx cavalerra – dreamer
  4. tomtomgroove – soulundergroove
  5. agent:audio – empty rack
  6. wighnomy bros. – händskläbb
  7. midnight rider – mission tend
  8. the caine – controlfreak (booga rmx)
  9. sog – crowd rocker
  10. sprawl – suspicions
  11. lowtec – get old
  12. nagen & saugen – konsequent
  13. westend ghetto – 2tight2
  14. die eiligen drei könige – der maulwurf