Max Cavalerra [maks kawalerra]

Max’s gained musical influence by his artistic familyvery early. He played the drums in the age of 7 andstopped with 13, same on the piano. Inspired byNetherlands hardcore techno scene he listened tohis first electronic sounds and began directly to spinthat sound on vinyl. By and by Max discovered allkinds of electronic music until he was listening anddancing to a DJ Set of Sven Vaeth, which turnedover the switch in the age of 15. Now it was over.Max went crazy because Sven played exactly hisimagination of electronic music. After a few gigs inand around Munich, Max learned to handlesynthesizers and all what’s around. His first record(co produced by Oliver Morgenroth) came out whenhe was in the age of 18. From that time every step inhis life seemed to be planed. He learned in the“Music Shop“ and sold professional soft- andhardware stuff, after that he sold records in the“Parasound“ record store and then he was a veryimportant part of the „Electric Delicate“ office.Nowadays he’s 29 and can look back into a scale ofgigs, releases, albums and remixes. Also he’s a DJyou can’t hide from. He was resident DJ of Munich’smost famous techno night called „Electric Delicate“and he’s one of the less who plays the whole nightand not under 8 – 10 hours. Last thing to say is hisown declaration: „I love to play as long as I can, toevolve the full strength and mystery of electronicmusic!“

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