granlab [kränleb]

In the beginning – quite some time ago – was the guitar. Heiko Schwanz started playing in a band with 2 school mates in the Thuringian countryside. But there were no gigs or other success stories. That changed after also programming beats on the computer to accompany his guitar. By and by his music evolved between Ambient, Deep House and Techno and he gathered experiences from numerous live gigs on the dancefloor, but also in Chill Out areas. He released records on the R.A.N.D. label 3b and Polyfon, founded the label together with Christian Kausch aka Tend, produced more releases and he is also part of the mutual project Garry Grand. Since quite some time he is now living in the idyllic Bavarian countryside surrounding Munich, door to door with a rockband.

Booking: tend[at]