086 | ucleden – hello cruel world!

Musik hat Andei Nedelcu von Kindesbeinen an fasziniert und nicht mehr losgelassen. Seinen Namen buchstabiert er jetzt zwar rückwärts (Ucleden), aber die kindliche Faszination und der naive Spieltrieb im Umgang mit Musik ist geblieben. Und wahrscheinlich kann man auch nur so derart eigenständige und faszinierende Tracks produzieren, wie es unserer neuesten Broque-Entdeckung nun auf „Hello Cruel World“ gelingt. Der Rumäne produziert zwar erst seit 2009 eigene Tracks, aber die sieben Songs auf der neuen EP des Wahl-Weimarers scheinen bereits aus allen Poren Geschichte zu atmen, wobei die Fixpunkte auch noch weit zurückgehen bis auf Mitt-90er Elektronika (wie beim wunderbaren Opener „Good Things….“) und traditionellen Deep House und Dub Techno, nur um am Ende den Bogen wieder mit einer Prise Border Community Trance Euphorie („Silly Simphonie“) zu schließen. Und das besonders Herausragende hier: Ucleden gelingt das Kunststück, mit traumwandlerischer Sicherheit nicht nur zwischen diesen erstmal recht verschiedenen Referenzpunkten zu wandeln, sondern diese auch direkt in hypnotischen und zugleich sehr emotionalen und melodiegetragenen Tracks zu etwas ganz Neuem zu verschmelzen. Und damit fühlen sich die melodieverliebten Kleinode von „Hello Cruel World“ auf einem vernebelten Dancefloor genauso pudelwohl, wie in der meditativen Space Night (RIP).


  1. good things fall apart so better things fall together (hello cruel world rmx)
  2. closer to you
  3. disconnect me
  4. dead souls
  5. zum zwiebelmarkt (original mix)
  6. silly simphonie (original mix)
  7. hello cruel world (hello cruel world rmx)
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artwork by b.4000, Munich
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some feedbacks:
Joell Mull (Truesoul, Drumcode, H-Production) What a great release! Inspiring music. Super nice production. Bug Stereo Rooms. Thank you for sending me. Good things… Dead souls Zum Zweibelmarkt – Patrick Lindsey (Funkwelle / Hideout) dead souls is great also i like zwiebelmarkt a lot.. will play – Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) i like disconnect me, nice vibe. – Ruede Hagelstein (Upon You, Groove ) very good album! good things.. is stunning! – Patrick Zigon amazing – love it! – Florian Meindl zum zwiebelmarkt is cool – Justin Berkovi DEEEEEP! Great stuff, really love all the tracks here. Nice chord progressions, love it! – philipp hoffman wow – Shane duNann (Breiten / Rheinrhythmik) Good things is beautiful. So is Closer to You! So is Disconnect me! Dead Souls is the highlight here – support! very cool music, great package here, thank you! – Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) very interesting release, all cool tracks and especially disconnect me and dead souls are the highlights for me.. – Opuswerk This is one that needs several listening session. Zum Zwiebelmarkt talks to me the most at first. Thanks! – Frequencies.it mental! – Tom Banham Deep, funky stuff – jacking and proper – Jorge Savoretti dead souls is great! nice music from broque – Simon Slieker Such a nice release. Love the lot, especially the title track. Thank you. – Benoît Carretier not so for me – Arnaud Le Texier Some nice deep atmosphere! cool ;-) – Jesus Pablo not my sounds for my sets.. but straight on the ipod… – Laurent N. Another cool release with great sounds & atmosphere. Will play & Support. – Pig & Dan (Cocoon) awesome tracks, broque always has this very personal cutting edge sound that sounds like heaven to me – Richie Hawtin download for r hawtin – Alexx Wolfe one of the best stuff of the year for me – DJ Nori Sounds deep! – Brett Johnson (Cynosure, Frankie) Very nice…. Thanks. – SwitchSt(d)ance great release. i will play it! – DJ Jerome (Outland Records) very cool tracks, i like all :) – DJ Felipe (Flex Vienna) Nice collection – Fonos Maybe not to play, but quality music to listen! thanks! – Markus Lindner zum zwiebelmarkt my fav! – MCD magazine / WTM radio show another wtm’s playlist is coming soon….;) – Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) only ‚good things fall apart so better things fall together‘ for me here.. very sad, cause this tracks is really amazing.. thanks anyway. – Space DJz absolutely first class…appreciate the promo – Ronan Portela really nice album, it tells you a story from the beginning to the end… thx! – Docepulgadas Great „Zum Zwiebelmarkt“ – (Subdivisions Radio Show – Digitally Imported Radio) really dig the dead souls track – Thx! – Dubfire downloaded for dubfire , thanks! – Werner Niedermeier love this one. great tunes here. In my next charts for sure! – samsmcewin nice. – Gabriele Gilleri supported by differentgrooves.com – Jochen Ditschler Tolle Balance aus deep Techno und souveräner Harmonie, I LIKE IT!!! – Davide Siri Beautiful piece of music ! Emotional and deep… very good ! – Sergej Snooze mental and emotional – what we need more for the dance floors … probably disconnected mr is my fav – Patrick Siech You had me at the synthline in Good things… Some really awesome tracks in here! Thanks a lot – Rob Paine Dead Souls, Zum Zwiebelmarkt are some good dubby vibes for my head – Zecapx Good release! – Jens Holmes We love this deep trip in Zum Zwiebelmarkt…!! – M.A.N.D.Y, Booka Shade, DJ T. promo assistant will download. thank you for good music! – RADIO CAMPUS BESANCON Good idea inside, I like „silly symphonie“ or „Hello Cruel World“ but sometimes that’s too much electronica for me… DJ Gaogao, The vinyl Guerilla Radio campus Besançon – Forward Strategy Group zum zwiebelmarkt is lovely, thanks ! – Jaesun Celebre veryWell Done! -celebs – Jamie Behan Top notch ep. Experiemental yet still floor friendly. Dead Souls and Zum are the ones for me – Rich Nxt nice things here – i like zum zwiebelmarkt and dead souls – Deepchild Wow. Really special stuff. Plenty of heart here…Its a joy to get promo this deep and thoughtful and unique x – Mark EG Great music – Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records) Beautiful release! lovin‘ all tracks here!!! will support! – Anton Banks nice vibe. will try – Daniel Mumbling Sanchez Cool release, really like dead souls track – Bleed considering for review – Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) Awesome tracks!!! wooooow – Calin Marian Cool sounds from Andrei! Thanks for sending it ;) – Ectomorph interesting stuff – Joseph Capriati (ANALYTICTRAIL,FRANKIE,CMYK,LOOSE,MINIBUS) nice release. will try it asap. – Danny Howells (Global Underground) Beautiful release and perfect for late night listening. – Indigo amazing throughout – Jonny Cruz / No. 19, My Favorite Robot, Toys for Boys, Vakant, Geno loving this..a lot – Osciliator Radio Show zum wiebelmarkt is great! – Diversions on chry105.5fm very immersive sounds and atmospheres – disconnect me is my fave! – Noah Pred Really interesting music here – very much looking forward to a deeper listen. – Mik Santoro nice! – Vince Watson Some really interesting nice bits in this…further listening secured! – Andrew Grant (Circo Loco) wonderful array of sounds and color – anaharryk dead souls is the one for me – vivamusicstudios.com downoading – Franco B (Electronique.it/Dancity) great album !!!! i love disconnect me – Master H Amazing release…Props! – D.Diggler (Liga Elektronika, Level Non Zero) good production – dead souls for me ! thx – DJ Wehbba (Tronic) zum zwiebelmarkt and dead souls are really good – Habersham Loving the atmosphere in this release, will support! – Marko Nastic interesting one … support ! – Tom Trago Thanks – Phil Kieran thanks – Markantonio good things fall apart so better things fall together ia great track thanks – Ramon Tapia will try ! – Slam WILL TRY THESE OUT THANX GUYS – Pedro Aguiar fucking hell, what a great Ep. congrats to the artist!