113 | the hermit – the gate

Widmete sich The Hermits letztes Werk „Liber 3“ noch den scheinbaren Widersprüchen zwischen Leben und Tod, geht er auf seinem neuen Album „Gate“ den nächsten konsequenten Schritt. Während die Musik an der post-industriellen Elektronika des Vorgängers anknüpft, geht es hier um den Übergang in eine Ebene, die mit dem uns offenbaren Universum nichts mehr zu tun hat. Was folgt einem Symbol wie Ain Soph, der Nicht Sephira des kabbalistischen Lebensbaums, bewusst erklimmend die unendlichen Sprossen der Jakobsleiter? Während C.G. Jung im Intro „Gate Keeper“ noch über die Psyche des weltlichen Ichs sinniert, führt das Album mit seinen acht Tracks zwischen Ambient, knurspeliger Elektronika und industriell psychedelischem Proto- und Dub-Techno auf eine Reise zur Auflösung eben jenes irdischen Ichs, die in der marschierenden DAF-Hommage „Totality“ eine perfekte Entsprechung findet. Ein Album das, wie immer bei The Hermit, noch lange nachhallt und bei jedem Hören neue emotionale und gedankliche Türen öffnet.


  1. gatekeeper
  2. the gate
  3. kumâras
  4. entrance
  5. mirrored
  6. judge
  7. totality
  8. sky (apokryphen – bonustrack)
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NORI (POSIVISION) / POSIVISION MAG Sounds cool! – LAURENT DIOUF / MCD MAGAZINE, WTM RADIO SHOW, WRECK THIS MESS RADIO SHOW another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;) – ALLAND BYALLO / NIGHTLIGHT MUSIC, BAD ANIMAL REALLY into the weirder stuff on this record. The beat-based stuff is cool enough but it’s the more abstract cuts that make this record for me. Thanks! – RIYAZ KHAN / CHRY 105.5FM intriguing and immersive sounds ! – FABIAN BIRKE / WOMR COLLEGE RADIO, BLN.FM For radio play, thanks!!! – SLAM / SOMA RECORDS will try out thanks – PATRICK LINDSEY / FUNKWELLE, HIDEOUT, ALFA ROMERO RECORDINGS, INMOTION MUSIC Kumaras / Entrance are very nice to listen too! – MISK / ALTROVERSO playlist and support in altroverso – ACID PAULI / OUÏE, CLOWN & SUNSET, CROSSTOWN REBELS, BAR25, COMPOST RECORDS, DISKO B, EINMUSIKA, KATERMUKKE :-) :-) – ANGEL MOLINA ( SONAR / TRESOR ) not really into this, only ‚The Gate‘ sounds interesting to me. Thanks anyway. – SEAN-MICHEL YODER / VINYLJUNKIERECORDS.BLOGSPOT.COM, BIG SHOT MAGAZINE, 365MAG.COM This is different. Some I really like, some I don’t. Well done. – KRISTIAN HATTON / CYCLIC DEFROST, HAARP MEDIA awesome – ESTROE / ROSEDALE RECORDS, CONNAISSEUR RECORDINGS, EEVONEXT RECORDINGS The Gate is quite a trip, love it! Bonustrack too!! – PABLO DEMONIO / UNK.FM, WE ARE SYNDICATE TODAY present this album in my radioshow. thx – TIM THALER / BLN.FM nice one! – NOAH PRED / THOUGHTLESS, BIOTOP, HIGHGRADE Cool vibes – looking forward to a deeper listen. – 2000 AND ONE / 100% PURE, INTACTO Love this! – THE BLACK DOG / WARP RECORDS Different, great stuff. – DOUGLAS FUGAZI / MEDELLINSTYLE Sounds really super good this release. Fun and trippy. Full Support!! – PAUL RITCH Downloading for Paul Ritch, Thanks! – / ROKO (SUB.FM/B.O.M.B.) Sounds lovely! Will check it in full – MAETRIK / MACEO PLEX / MOTHERSHIP, DUMB UNIT, CROSSTOWN REBELS, TREIBSTOFF downloaded for Maceo Plex / Maetrik, thanks for the music! – GABRIELE GILLERI / DIFFERENTGROOVES.COM supported by different grooves – RAPHAEL DINCSOY / H-PRODUCTIONS, MB ELEKTRONICS, ABSTRACT, LEHMANN CLUB interesting – ANDREAS BRÜNING / INTRO, RADIO FLORA, DE:BUG, HHV atmospheric – NACHO / MIXSIDE.COM Great stuff !!!! Thanks !!! – ILARIO ALICANTE / COCOON RECORDINGS, ALPHAHOUSE, BOSCONI, PRISM Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music! – JAMIE STEVENS / BEDROCK, CHAMELEON RECORDS, GET PHYSICAL MUSIC, SUDBEAT Kumaras is great. – ANTON BANKS / THE VAULT RADIO SHOW I’ll give these a proper listen and pick one for my show. Thanks. – MARKANTONIO / 1605, ALCHEMY, IMPACT MECHANICS, LOOSE RECORDINGS Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!! – DJ JAVIMAR / DJ MAG SPAIN Really good. thanks – SIGNAL DELUXE / BLAQ RECORDS / PANTAMUZIK nice deep release! like it! – ALEXEI MONROE / TREBUCHET A very ambitious and unusual blend of styles. – HOLGER NIELSON / DISTRICT 4 real interesting stuff…nothing for my set but well produced ! – DAVIDE SIRI / IYEZINE Mindblowing as usual, by Hermit ! Very interesting – PERKUSSUS / WEBUILDMACHINES gatekeeper for me! – DAVID ZONA / VICIOUS RADIO Totality for me. – ANDREW TILL / MACHINE, FNOOB thanks – ANDREW WOWK / IN THE MIX, PULSE This is super interesting stuff – will play on my radio show – MATHIAS WECK / FLUXFM dark! – LOUK / ZONE MAGAZINE, 24/7, RTE Not for me thanks – RON COSTA / POTOBOLO / SCI+TEC / OCTOPUS Great Ep, Thank you. – LERI AHEL / MUTANT DISCO RADIO SHOW AIRED ON PIOONER DJ RADIO, SPACE RADIOFM, MIXPEOPLEFM, DINAMOFM ETC Kumatas is my favorite. – NOMENKLATUR / SWAP RECORDINGS, TIC TAC TOE RECORDS perfect :) big work fav songs : kumaras and mirrored will play and support – ELECTRIC RESCUE / SKRYPTOM, REX CLUB, ASTROPOLIS interesting pieces inside :) thanks – MIMETIC / ELECTRON FESTIVAL, HEADFUN deep & creative! – FRANCYS / HIGHWAY RECORDS, STREET KNOWLEDGE Love it! Will play some tracks from this masterpiece on my radio show for sure! – PAINÈ / TEMPOSPHERE, COMPL8, MODERN ACTIVISM Love the sound and cinematic feel! – JENNY ARREDONDO / FEED THE RAVER Will play The Hermit – Gatekeeper The Hermit – The Gate – MAURICIO ATENCIA / DJ MAG LA – THUMP CO – MEDELLINSTYLE 3,7/5 – ELENA GOMEZ / RTVE ES Gracias! – DEEPGOA / MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY experimental stuff – ROB HES / SCI+TEC | TRONIC | BEDROCK | HERZBLUT | MOOD | KD Really love that intro track – TRICKYDISCO! / EMF MAG . – RONNY KRIEGER / DIGITALY IMPORTED Totality will be added to di.fm/electronics – JOH ERBA good atmosphere – STÉPHANE CHAMBORD / RADIO RESONANCE ce disque est un OVNI ! Totalement imprévisible et surprenant, il m’est toutefois difficile de l’apprécier en sa totalité. Préférence pour „sky aporkrypen“ et „mirrored“. – CYPRIEN ROSE / LUI / HOUZ-MOTIK / WAXDOESMATTER Interesting… – AURELIO CIANCIOTTA / WICKED STYLE huge release… – MIKAEL JONASSON / EXILE, FIGURE, DRUMCODE, MBR LTD. great mood! – SEBASTIAN / F.A.R.E.S / BASS AND SPACE Interesting dub sculptures, thanks! – MARC O’NEIL / SONUS FM niice tracks – FELIX LORUSSO / HIDDEN RECORDS, SSR GREAT! – ALESSAN MAIN / BOROBUDUR LABEL thanks – ANAKHEMIA / VERSE69 LOOOOOVE IT – DUNCAN GRAY / TICI TACI Gatekeep – great for mixing – always enjoy a bit of psychedelic ambience. The bonus track SKY is v cool and also Totality. Thanks. – GOLDFOX / STUDIO BRUSSELS Love the ambient bits. dark and beautiful – MATTEO PITTON / DIFFERENT GROOVES, WHEN WE DIP I’m not really into this kind of sound, the only track I like is „kumaras“. thanks for sending – INSOLATE / OUT OF PLACE, DEEPLY ROOTED Gatekeeper for me! – SANDER ZHUKOV / MEGAPOLIS FM Downloaded for megapolis fm – DJ RIM-K / BRUZZ FM Kumaras & Totality rock :) – JAN-ERIK ZANDERSSON / UNIVERSUM NOLL +++ – DUBIKS / DUBIKS We need more like this full support – RYAN JAMES FORD / MARCEL DETTMANN RECORDS Cool record. – GABRIEL FERREIRA / NINEFONT, ITEMS & THINGS thanks. compact release! – LATERAL / MACHINE Some great stuff in here for intros to sets! great textures.