098 | v.a. – munich style battle

Warm and cold.
The City skips the beat, people´s heartstrings resonate.
Each heart by itself, alone or not.
The river in the middle, people disunited.
Silent line of life, always moves on.
Here you were born, here are your roots.
A sense of home within you.
You are chosen by evolution.
You keep walking the way.
City with character.
Its light shining. Its glory magnetic.
Compellingly for those without roots.
Those without fear of yesteryear.
They love Munich.
City of magical places.
City with secrets.
Old little Town – Witness of history.
Cosmopolitan City.
Economy clench this place.
Funds achieve avidity.
Striving like ants.
Can we escape from society?
Fate and Karma.
Unknowing self determination.
Decadence – unseen decline.
The true aim disguised.
Affluence. Acquisitiveness. No bindings.
But still…
Origin of its children.
Warmness of heart.
Fathomless bund.
Munich city of my heart.

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artwork by b3000, Munich
lyrics by Zweileen, OliVia & the Hermit / vocals by Zweileen
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