090 | defective units – sequences

Nachdem er als Idealist bereits international für viel Furore gesorgt hat, nicht zuletzt mit seiner fantastischen „Defective Units“ EP auf Broque, wird genau diese nun gleich Namensgeber für Bernhard Gietz‘ neuestes Projekt. Logische Konsequenz der Stimmigkeit des Sounds und nicht zuletzt auch des durchschlagenden Erfolgs. Als Defective Units veröffentlicht der Züricher nun fünf wunderbare Tracks, die den old-schooligen Charakter seiner letzten Broque EP aufnehmen und konsequent fortspinnen. Alte Schule heißt hier vor allem erstmal klassischer String-getragener House, zwischen Deepness und Chicago-Rumms und vor allem eine Vorliebe für den eigenbrötlerischen Sound analoger Maschinen und nicht zuletzt der TB-303, deren Acid-Lines, sich mal mehr mal weniger präsent in Bernhards Tracks schlängeln und ihnen dabei eine ganz eigene Funkyness und nicht zuletzt den charakteristischen Defective Units-Sound verpassen. Fünf tolle „Sequences“, die eigentlich nur noch die Frage offenlassen, ob dies dann der Name des nächsten Idealist-Projekts wird.


  1. phase one
  2. phase two
  3. history
  4. stop (live take)
  5. additive
  6. Download .zip-file


artwork by b3000, Munich
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some feedback:
PATRICK BATEMAN (TIC TAC TOE / CONNECT FOUR) Fuck me sideways, this is a big release… ! Phase 1+2, History, Additive for me! – PÄR GRINDVIK love the ‚history‘ track as well as ’stop‘ thank you! – LUCIANO SAMBATI (FABRIC LONDON) I can’t stop listening to the track HISTORY… pure Acid Magic!!! Fantastic!! – SEPH / HARRY KLEIN, DUMB UNIT Phase One is great! – SASHA / RENAISSANCE very cool release – RARESH (ARPIAR) smooth dubby affair – JACEK SIENKIEWICZ (RECOGNITION) / RECOGNITION RECORDS, COCOON RECORDINGS cool – JENS HOLMES / NIGHTCODE, URGENT.FM Outstanding dubby vibes..Phase one is our tip in the show – LUKE SLATER thanks – LUIS ROZALEN / CLUBBING SPAIN liquid stuff for me …support – GEORGE MICHALOPOULOS / LIFO MAG, EN LEFKO thanks – PAUL COREY / RESIDENT ADVISOR, IBIZA VOICE, MACHINES ARE FUNKY Good EP, particularly ‚Phase One‘ & ‚Hostory‘ – DUBFIRE Downloaded for Dubfire by Ronald – MCD MAGAZINE / WTM RADIO SHOW / MCD MAGAZINE, WRECK THIS MESS RADIO SHOW another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;) – ÂME nice – ERGIN KARABULUT / FAZE MAGAZIN ok – TOE / DJ MAG GERMANY nice 2 have – BENOÎT CARRETIER / TSUGI history for me – MATTHIAS SPRINGER / PLASMIC  SHAPE / RAVELINE, DIAMETRAL, ELECTROSOUND TV, TONREPORT great dubby tech-sounds, review on tonreport.de – RICHIE HAWTIN / MINUS downloaded for r hawtin – ALLAND BYALLO / NIGHTLIGHT MUSIC, BAD ANIMAL, POKERFLAT history is so good! super solid EP. – BUTANE / ALPHAHOUSE, CROSSTOWN REBELS, LITTLE HELPERS history is pleasant enough but I could do without the vocal. jesus tap-dancing christ. – BLEED / DE:BUG considering for review – M.A.N.D.Y, BOOKA SHADE, DJ T. PROMO ASSISTANT will download. thank you for good music! – ROB WARNER / IBIZA VOICE Sounds cool. Love the dub techno inspired subtlrness of ‚Phase One‘. – BEN SIMS (SPLITMUSIC) feeling the acid epic ‚history‘, very good, thx! – MAKOSSA (SWOUND SOUND VIENNA / RADIO FM4) / FM4 nice, deep vibes – GRANT PATERSON / EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS ‚THE GUIDE‘ Excellent package, full support!!! – SLAM / SOMA RECORDS cool label – will spin thanx – GILES ARMSTRONG / POWER FM DUBLIN love the 303’s sounds in history & stop :) – SEBASTIAN ROYA (CONNAISSEUR) thanks – KRISTIAN HATTON / CYCLIC DEFROST I love the dubbiness of it, but the spell tends to spoilt by the synth interpellations. – MARKO NASTIC / RECON WARRIORS phase one, history sounds good deff for me, overall its nice record! tnx – ALEX DOWNEY great EP ….History in the making! – SOUNDEFFECT MAGAZINE cool ep – FLORIAN BREIDENBACH / TECHNO.WS // DIES UND DAS tb 303 is still alive :-) – WOMR COLLEGE RADIO / BLN.FM / BLN.FM For radio play, thanks. – CHRIS EX / MUSICA RE, UP N LOUD phase two works fine for me – PHUTURELABS Love this – big fan of Broque. – ROBERTO CAPUANO / DRUMCODE cool ep! will test STOP – ARNAUD LE TEXIER / SAFARI ELECTRONIQUE Good deep techno! – JEAN PIERRE ENFANT / LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES beautiful and epic… really classy, especially the two phases – WERNER NIEDERMEIER / BROQUE accciiiiiid! nice release. stop live take – my pick! – OPUSWERK / PLAK RECORDS Great, really great stuff. Thanks for sending. will play. – CALIN / TUNNEL FM / TUNNEL FM Cool tracks here guys, will check out for Tunnel FM! Thank you :) – BILLY JOHNSTON / BN, TIC TAC TOE, SLEAZE, BLUFIN History & Stop are NICE…. ThanXXX for good music! – SIGNAL DELUXE (BLAQ RECORDS) fantastic release thanks for sending will support – FELIPE ESPINOSA MENESES / MEDELLINSTYLE Hot Stuff!. Thx, review soon!. – TADEO Good acid memories in history. – INVITE PODCAST / XT3 TECHNO RADIO Thanks! – EXPANDER (SONIC CULTURE) I lioke Phase Two – ANGEL MOLINA ( SONAR / TRESOR ) ‚Phase One‘ for me here, thanks. – KEVIN ARNEMANN / MISC Great tracks for my opening sets! – ZECAPX History for me, good acid sequences! – OSCILIATOR RADIO SHOW phase one rocks – DOCEPULGADAS / DOCEPULGADAS Download from docepulgadas! – DAVIDE SIRI / IYEZINE goood music !!! phase 1 and even more phase 2 are two trippy great tracks thumbs up – MARTINEZ / MOON HARBOUR downloading , thanks – MATTEO GANDALF BRIGATTI / STEREO TORINO Nice deep journey – JAY EASTON / SHOREDITCH RADIO additive is the one – JONATHAN BARNES / KZSU.STANFORD., KZSU.STANFORD. Live Take of Stop is slammin‘! – EXIUM / POLE RECORDINGS thanks – MATT WALSH (CLOUDED VISION) love „history“ great acid track – ANGEL SANTOS / DJ MAG SPAIN Nice! Thanks. – MERINO / WOODS N BASS Nice acid on Stop – NICKELLE this is lovely, all tracks are strong. phase one & two are the standouts for me. – AMOTZ TOKATLY / PUNCH MUSIC I like the 303 on history and stop (Nir Shoshani-Punch Music) – NIMA KHAK / DRUMCODE, H-PRODUCTIONS, 1532 RECORDS Stop is an interesting track! Nice Ep overall. – SHA SPECIALHOUSINASSOCIATION / SPECIALHOUSINASSOCIATION lovely tracks, thanks! – TOMAZ JANSSENS / 22TRACKS.COM all ace ! – LAURENT N. / ATAVISME, HOUSE NATION RADIO Super Ep with a nice stuff. Will play & Full Support !!! – ECTOMORPH / INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS i like history – SWITCHST(D)ANCE I like history track – VIVAMUSICSTUDIOS.COM Pretty cool…liking phase 1 and History – DJ FELIPE (FLEX VIENNA) Nice songs! – VIDAL / DROID RECORDINGS nice acid touch – DIVERSIONS ON CHRY105.5FM super cool release – diggin‘ the acid vibes of History! – DIVERSIONS ON CHRY105.5FM super cool release – diggin‘ the acid vibes of History! – SHANE DUNANN (BREITEN / RHEINRHYTHMIK) Phase two is nice and hypnotic, i like it – JORGE SAVORETTI / ESPERANZA nice dubby trax! – ROBERTO (ARTFORM, OUTLAND, AFFIN) Really cool dubby Detroit vibes! History is my fav here – BROTHER’S VIBE Killer pieces… – PIG & DAN (COCOON) great organic Techno from broque as usual – WESTRADIO.GR great release! – EXTRA MUSIC NEW On Promo Chart – TINI / DESOLAT thanks :) – KABALE & LIEBE (100% PURE / REMOTE AREA) – stop and additive for me thanks! – GENE LE FOSSE phaze two Killa! – GABRIELE GILLERI / DIFFERENTGROOVES.COM supported 6 noticed by differentgrooves.com – DAVID HUMO Will play for sure, thanks! – VINCE WATSON / BIO MUSIC With 5 million dub releases every week, this is one i would pick out to play…nice job – TONREPORT phase two for me – KIRK DEGIORGIO brilliant EP! Broque on fire… – JUHO KUSTI / DEEP SPACE HELSINKI thanks. – MARTIN BÖTTCHER / BYTE.FM, DEUTSCHLAND RADIO, TAGESSPIEGEL good – MATT COOPER / RESPECT RECORDS Fantastic EP. Think History is my fave but will probably drop all of them.. – PATRICK SELZER / RAVELINE dubbig, fluffig. – PATRICK SIECH / DRUMCODE Loving them all, but especially Phase Two really is a true trip! Will play a lot! Thank you