065 | clapan – native elements [liveset]

Ok, wir haben Sommerpause. Aber Broque.de wäre nicht Broque.de, wenn wir nicht auch ab und an mal etwas anders machen würden. Und so gibt es als Vorboten eines neuen Information Ghetto – Releases, ein komplettes exklusives und vor allem wunderbares Liveset von Clapan, einem der beiden Information Ghetto-Macher. Genießt die Musik und laßt euren Sommer davon begleiten:


„NativeElements is a live improvisation recorded in real-time by Clapan aka Denis Korsunski using a set of interactive technologies designed by himself during the past 10 years. This live performance features a huge number of interesting solutions and approaches to the music creation. Throughout, this recording can be treated as a very versatile and fantastic world of unusual musical forms, capable of shaping a sound space that enables every listener to find him-/herself outside the everyday sound environment on a meditative level. Rhythmic figures and unexpected deep analogue textures are naturally organised in fairly original musical ideas, which slide on the verge of experimental electronic and plunge us into a world of passion for new technologies.“ [Clapan]



clapan – native elements [live set]