059 | alessandro crimi – changements e.p.

Das ist der Mann aus St. Gallen (Schweiz) mit dem Sinn für entspannt groovenden Dubsound. Seine Releases konnte man bisher auf Labels wie Italic, Sthlm Audio oder eben Broque.de hören. Besonders ein Stück wie „Dubweiser“ sollte den Meisten ein Begriff sein, wobei er sich auch als DJ immer wieder unter Beweis stellt.
Alessandro kommt mit wenigen Mitteln aus, schafft es aber trotzdem, einen vollen und warmen Klang zu erzeugen. Er gestaltet Reisen durch weite Landschaften und triftet dabei von Unterwasserwelten bis in die Weiten des Weltraums. Seine Musik legt eine inspirierende Deepness zugrunde und hat die Unendlichkeit als Ziel.


  1. selun
  2. machines
  3. ty
  4. kids
  5. alaska
  6. .zip-file


artwork by Isabel Fraass, Zwickau
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some feedbacks:
Darko Esser ( Wolfskuil, Doornroosje, Merleyn ) The dubscersize in Machines & killerstrings in Ty are for me, great trax! – Chris Rayner Machines is nice! – Clara Moto like the deep tracks very much! great EP – Dancefield PR, media & marketing (Felix Kröcher) Coole Tracks, werde sie Felix weiterleiten – Juno Plus (Juno) Nice and deep… – Sunday Times I like Machines – reminiscent of Red 2. – Hearing Is Believing Blog  Nice and thoughtful electronic grooves! – Drowned In Sound Selun is the one for me. Love the pads on Ty but the beats are too formulaic. – Dubkult lovely production and sound scapes. faves are selun and kids – Machines Are Funky Blog, Resident Advisor Nice release. Particularly liking ‚Ty‘ and ‚Machines‘. – Phil Kieran (Cocoon Recordings/Soma Records) feels really nice, will give more detailed listen once downloaded, but sounds really good. – Ivan Smagghe this loses me a little bit… sorry – Found Sounds (Dj Mag) Ty for us – smooth… – Chris Finke Niiiiiiiice – Leigh Morgan ( Urban Torque Good ep from Alessandro, moody – Dave Martin Whole Ep is great. Thanks DxM – luke stokes very subtle blade runner sampler in Machines …love it. – Dubfire download – Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings) prefer the deeper ones on this ep. Lots of good music to check out. Hope to find which to play out, as they’re all good! – m50 / etc Radio I like the rolling simplicity of these, reminds me of Playhouse. Alaska and Selun are gorgeous. – Skoozbot (Minus) really nice deep tracks! – Maetrik / Maceo Plex (Mothership, Dumb Unit, Crosstown Rebels, Treibstoff) Nice release! I like TY on this one – Gradient Magazine Dope EP!!! – Dustin Zahn (Enemy Records) (Dustin Zahn) In it for Machines!! – Mark S. Krüx (Urb Magazine) Nice trip… – Todd Burns (Resident Advisor) thanks. – Drumcell (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings) Weird but interesting – Leonard Posso (Thema) SOLID BASS HERE! Tools to bring down buildings with! – Louis Osborne ( Mija Recordings ) Wicked EP. Loving the deepness of Machines, but my favorite track is Ty….. Lovely serene pads on there. Tippy as fuck. Big Support – Laurent Garnier deep moodyness… Nice ep – Reverselectro.com Weird but interesting – Arnaud Le Texier Nice ep deep tek!!! – Jérôme Viale (Tsugi) Very good package ! – Paco Osuna ( Plus 8 ) i like those tracks :) – Mooseka Radio sounds good!! – Pig & Dan (Cocoon) loved machines will definately play that – Ibizasonica Radio Very very very Amazing and Dub!!! Full Support from me. – Electric Indigo sweet release – my favorites are selun and alaska. – Makossa (Fm4) classic dub vibes – Cio D’Or (Prologue) Beautiful dreamful & warm Deephouse! Well done & full support !!! – Klaus Fiehe (Radio 1 Live) Blame it on my Sunday Night Show – Brillant..1,3,4 – Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) (Axel Bartsch) ty is pretty – Berlin Mitte Institut Schönes athmosphärisches Release für das Warm Up. – André Langenfeld (Radio Fritz) ty!!! – Byte.fm (Deutschland Radio) Selun’s great. – Jor-el ( Gigolo ) (Joel Alter) Good stuff! My favourite would be Machines, deep dubby and driving! – Radio Z nice sound atmosphere – Mikael Stavöstrand (Thema/Sunset Diskos) very nice .. – Axel Fischer (On-3 Radio ( Bayrischer Rundfunk )) Selun works with great ambience ! Alaska is great ambient ! – Cari Lekebusch (Hybrid Productions/Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch/Drumcode) smooth after the afterparty soulfilled tunes, nice!! PZPZ – Radio Suisse (dimitri (Radio Suisse)) Alaska is good ! – Sammy Goosens (Pullproxy/Sierra Sam ) good – Frequencies.it Very conceptual and at the same time so physical, this ep is a wave of emotions – Mateo Murphy (Underwater, Tronic, Turbo, Ascend) Great deep tracks perfect for the beginning of the night! – Swoon/ pastlessonfuturetheories blog Machines and Kids sound good. – Switch / Studio Brussel Great package. Selun and Machines stand out. Playing ! – Radio Campus Brussles lovely deep stuff… ty and selun are dope and alaska is a down tempo that i am going to incl. on my next chill out session, they dont make such wonderful tracks so often nowadays… – Tomas Barfod ( aka Tomboy, WhoMadeWho / Get Physical ) like machines – Radio 1 Selun and Ty are my favs. support it – Garnica (Trenton, Radio LAE) tracks 3 and 4 are nice – Estroe ( Connaisseur Recordings, Mezzotinto ) Very nice release, I like all tracks but Selun the most. – Christian Gimbel (Subculture Freiburg) great downbeat stuff – Anthony Rother (Datapunk) Machines Alessandro Crimi + Ty Alessandro Crimi. are my favorites. I will play! – Derek Taylor (Tilllate Magazine) Superb deep tracks!! Extremely trippy! Not sure about some of the vocal samples so will download and get back to you properly about them. Thanks derek – DJ Hal (EQ Magazine) Average – Roko love the detail on all the tunes, will have to listen to this with time to go through it fully!! sounds like something you have to get more into. – Hugo (MInimal Land) at the first glance this one looks pretty cool, rather deep and smooth, liked it ! – Luciano Sambati (Fabric London) Really really good EP!! I love all of the tracks!!! – Jamie Anderson Nice EP – Machines is my pick from these – The Advent (Kombination Research/Labyrinth) good soulful vibes all round.. – Slam (Soma Records) all cool – nice MONOPOD material will road test – Inhale.org Machines is nice! – Blind Spot on 103.2 Preston FM* Nice quality deep tunes. They give me a „Sunday morning“ feeling apart from Machines.. thats the top for me – Aaron Coulate (Juno) Nice and deep… – Sunday Times I like Machines – reminiscent of Red 2. – Florian Meindl nice chords and feeling is „machines“. „ty“ is also nice… – Paul Daily (DJ Times) LOVE the Machines remix from Alessandro Crimi – being played in every set these days. – Brendon Moeller (Third Ear / Echocord) Ty is stunning. solid overall. thx – Eric Cloutier (Resident Advisor) fantastic deep sounds here. really enjoying „machines“ and „ty.“ definitely playing and supporting! – Noice Podcast Series I like Alaska… nice track – Nikola Baytala ([KONTROL]/Stompy.com/Tweekin Records) Machines – Steven Hitchell aka Soultek (Souldubsounds, Fortune 8) (Intrusion w/ Paul St. Hilaire/Echospace/Lo-Fi Soundsystem/Intrusion/Cv313) I really enjoy Alaska, my favorite song of the entire release, the rest of the EP was well produced but wasn’t really my taste. Thanks. – John Selway (CSM) (CSM/John Selway & Dave Turov/John Selway & Tony Rohr/John Selway) sound good all around – Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 ) deeepness. love machines the best! – Fwd.dj this is SO GOOD. love these tracks, all of them. full review on fwd.dj – Audio Injection (Audio Injection & Drumcell/Droid Recordings) Good tracks but a little too deep for what I play, thanks! – Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music) I like Machines. Nice dub techno action. – Expander (Sonic Culture) Really great feel-good music. – Cian Ó Cíobháin (An Taobh Tuathail – RTE RnaG radio, Ireland) A bed of dub – cosy! – Dan Sykes (vivamusicstudios.com) Nice and deep tracks, nice long pads….grooving to this – XFM Dublin / No Territory Show all tracks nice but machines a level above. deep sounds for the floor… „ty“ is also really nice warm up material! thank you.. – Jonathan Woods all beautiful atmosopheric tracks… machines drives along the best for me. some lovely beats in the background – Benoît Carretier (Tsugi) not really for me – MCD magazine / WTM radio show happy new mess – Anthony Collins (Curle, Mule, Vakant) great deep stuff – DSinc Radio essential – Terence Fixmer (Electric Deluxe) Cool driving astmosphere in Machines. – Agoria (Infiné) deeep, i like the waves :) – Technasia Sweet EP. Machines is my fav. – Theclubbing.com Alaska is the best track according to me… – Radio Beton what a great surprise. This producer make with a good feeling Deep-Techno space „Idéal pour Afters“ – Jonas Kopp (Curle) Very interesting things here ! i will check all the tracks . Thanks – Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza) nice trippy tracks – Xpansul (Ovum Recordings) Excellent deep stuff. Machines is huge! – Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) Great Work!! – Pig & Dan (Cocoon Recordings) Liking the ride here in general its simply special – Klubbers.com Deep, Dub and Atmospheres… its all I need to support this ep. Really Fantastic! – Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) very deep, cool. ‚Machine‘ is the track I´ll probably play the most, even the whole ep sounds really nice. – Posivision feel relax! T5 is cool. – DJ MPLeary (Raveline) i like the atmo of the tracks…good techno – Bleed (De:Bug) review to follow – Tobias Staab (Groove Magazine) broque – lovely as always… review to follow – Raveline nice deep and funky House grooves. I like Alessandro on Broque. – Frank Sonic (Partysan NRW) solid techtunes. will be checked – Tim Schäfer (030 Magazin) zuallererst. tolles cover, sofern es denn eines ist. Track 1 ist mir ein wenig zu low. Machines nimmt eine schöne entwicklung. eher was für zuhause. – Radio Quintessenz deep and dubby, excellent works! – Dario Zenker (Harry Klein) LOVE it! – Beaner (3 Good Doctors/Bar25) pretty. nice. – Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins) schöne entspannte Nummern, gut fürs Radio! Selun und Machines sind die Highlights. – Martin Eyerer machines is cool!Will playlist – James Blonde (MBF, Sweat Lodge) good functional tracks – Tim Thaler (3headz) First of all thanks for the promo. You can be sure that your tracks will be discussed by the music editors here on BLN.FM radio. And if they will pass the selection process they will be in our daily rotation. – Tommy Four Seven (Electric Deluxe) Selun + Machines, brilliant! – Mark-Henning tracks 2, and 4 are really nice – Corin (3headz) lovely music! #1 is my favorite – Indietronic I think Machines the best. – NB Radiotreff “Scheuern” Unbelievable warm tracks! Can’t await the summer! My favourite is „selun“. – Plastic Lounge @ Freies Radio Freudenstadt Machines ist mein Favorit,wird gespielt – Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil) Machines sounds great, will play. – Monika Kruse Downloaded for Monika Kruse – Jeff Samuel (Simple/Spectral Sound/Trapez) Ty is the cut for me. nice warmup track, thanks. – Marc Miroir (Paso Music) 2nd track for me… – Bermudafunk Good – Benjamin Fehr (Catenaccio Records/The Result) brouque is really cool. machines is the one, what else! love it! go on! and „alaska“ makes the release better, reminds me at sensorama at it’s best. – Butane (Alphahouse/Butane + Someone Else/Crosstown Rebels) yessir. machines has the funk. – Richie Hawtin (Minus) downloaded for R Hawtin – Radio 98eins ty & kids are excellent. kids is so effective with just a few sounds in a very harmonic arrangement – Das Ding radio show (SWR3) I like track 3 – Northern Rivers Echo / The Indoor Sessions rad! – The-Zone.it So minimal & Deep! – Nino (Altroverso) very good. airplay in altroverso. – Noah Pred (Thoughtless) Nice laid back sounds – comforting, but not groundbreaking. Machines & Kids are highlights. – Diversions on chry105.5fm lovin‘ these deep dubby tech sounds – all tracks sound melodically appealing and are immersed with a wide cinematic atmospheric quality – TY is my fave!!! – BOUM! TCHAK! on CIBL 101.5 FM Radio Montréal Deep mininal grooves with dope basslines perfect to start or finish things off nicely on BOUM! TCHAK! – Jean-Patrice Remillard I’m into this, really nice patterns and sounds; well programmed. Very lovely and will make the dancefloor melt – Eric Bordes-Tosolini good vibes on these techno tracks can play all – teknology.free.fr/ radioshow Superb ! – DJ Montana (Club Basement.net ) (Sputnik) Selun – very relaxing track. Good track. Machines – this I like, even better track. Good composition, good rating. Downloaded for sure. Ty – In this track I like the floating sounds and the use of the vocal(sample). Again … well composed. Kids – I’m beginning to like this release more and more. Alaska – ambient like it should be. Favourite tracks = Machines, Ty, and Kids. Best track = Kids. Overall rating = 10/13. Thanks a lot. – DR Radio Ty is lovely old school. Sounds great! Alaska as well.. – Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) Overall very nice release! – HalfStereo.com One of my favorite producers. Love to see both dark and atmospheric tracks from him. Lovely EP. For me the best for this digest. – Landschall sehr schön deep und groovt gut! :) kids gefällt mir am besten!! – Eggbox (Al Dente Records) The BRQ59 by Alessandro Crimi is marvelous… Very beautifull track, Very great rythms and good energy… Awesome release thanks – Auto-Pilot ……. so far ‚Machines‘ is totally excellent… wow, love it. – Gabriel Le Mar excellent and lovely deep EP – my fav is machines + will play it on this weekend at cocoon – best greetz, gabriel – Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Rec) Wunderschöne vor sich hinschwebende Tracks! Toll! – Tobias Henecker (ZYX) solide scheibe! support und besten dank! – Joshy love it! auf den boden legen, licht aus, anlage aufdrehen – Werner Niedermeier Great Release. Nice production sound. Selun and Machines will be in my charts! Thanks – Mirko (Freund der Familie) Sehr solide, klar im Ausdruck und gut produziert. Mit viel Fingerspitzengefühl und Liebe zum Detail aber nicht zu verspielt. Genau richtig eben für eine Broque-release. Ich mach´s mal einzeln;) Ty & Selun – Minimal mit sehr viel Tiefgang und Groove. Drückend und Beruhigend gleichermaßen. Machines – sehr geil tragend. Nicht unbedingt neuer Sound. Kommt aber immer wieder gut. Kids – schwimmt schön zwischen Ambient und Minimal. Alaska – alles fallen lassen und genießen! Nicht unbedingt zum durchdrehen aber auf alle Fälle zum mitwackeln und abtanzen diese ep. Eine Platte für nicht unbedingt diese Jahreszeit. Eher für lange Sommernächte, aber auch für die Morgendämmerung nach dem Feiern. Mit eins der besten Broque-releases, find ich. – Stefan Tretau und es passt so gut zum Wetter – schöne Tracks!! – Marco Supernak Sehr schöne EP – changements. Genau mein Sound gerade. Hätte ich gut jetzt am Samstag gebraucht beim Auflegen ;) – Georg Neufeld ganz doll gefreut! ein echter crimi wieder mal :) – Net Trax …loved it – Martin Wisniowski Das aktuelle Release auf Broque jedenfalls rockt ganz ordentlich! – Julietta schöne ep von alessandro!!