013 oab mittsommerkollektion a

oab mittsommerkollektion

With our little midsummercollection we want to provide you with the right soundtrack for chirring crickets, social beer and the morning after. In a colourful drive the lady and the gentlemen take  us away with them on a trip from Munich via Dresden to Leipzig, with stops at Schmalkalden and Hanau to Bonn, to set off for Bielefeld from where we go to the famous city of Hamburg. And after a long voyage with a wide variety of beats, synths, guitars and vocals we reach Cyprus the pearl of Mediterranian.
We hope you enjoy and you are relaxed, if we jump off after summer.
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(written & produced by themselves)

* now only available on Electric Delicate Rec.
** licenced to Native Instruments Traktor 3
***not available

01 c-rock deep theme*** a
02 mikesh the book is closed a
03 maxx cavalerra sunset sentiments* a
04 strassmann hot pop a
05 granlab mirage a
06 christian quast regensburg*** a
07 lowtec introspection a
08 atesh k sensing the future a
09 legoego heiss sumasch a
10 easy 9 & jäger 90 forest a
11 cie teestation**
12 .zip (all files)a

date of release: 01.08.2005


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